Stand Up

Our students need your help. Regardless of whether you have children in public schools or not, every child deserves a quality public education. Be part of the solution and Stand Up for Public Schools.

Get informed

• Public schools are thriving in Ohio and across nation. Get informed about the state of public education in the U.S. by staying up to speed on the latest education news and information. Visit the National School Board Association’s (NSBA) evidence-based Center for Public Education website to learn timely, credible and accurate information about public schools, such as this article, “10 good things about public education.”

• Visit the Ohio Department of Education website to learn how Ohio public schools are performing academically and view prestigious state and national honors recently awarded to Ohio public schools.

• Visit the Ohio School Boards Association website to learn about Ohio legislation impacting public education and visit the National School Boards Association website to learn about federal legislation with implications for Ohio.

Share your success stories

• Use social media to share your success stories with your network — you may be surprised how far your message can spread. Include the hashtag #OhioEdSuccess with your message and be sure to follow the Ohio School Boards Association on Facebook and Twitter to learn about other success stories in public schools.

Take action

• Find out where candidates stand on important education issues and vote in local, state and national elections. Visit the Ohio Secretary of State website to learn more about voting.

• Contact your representatives at the state and national levels about important education issues. You can find contact information online for your legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and Ohio General Assembly.

• Use these Stand Up for Public Schools talking points as a guide to discuss the importance of public schools and their success in Ohio and the nation.

• Create a document which touts the success of your district. Use our district story template to help you craft your story.

• Use this all-purpose sample speech as a guide to discuss the importance of public schools with civic, community and parent groups.

• School leaders, use this sample graduation speech, which includes information about the importance of public education.

• Write a letter to the editor or blog post about the importance of public education. Use our sample letter to the editor as a guide.

• Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photo to the Stand Up for Public Schools logo to highlight your commitment to public education.

• Show your support for public schools. Photograph board members, administrators, staff, students and community members with the Stand Up for Public Schools signs and share the photos on your district’s website and through social media.

• Take part in the Public Schools 1st campaign to help NSBA mobilize the Friends of Public Education network, school board members, and other education stakeholders through social media to advocate at the federal, state and local levels about the importance of supporting public schools.

Get involved

• The most successful schools in the nation are those supported by a caring, active community of volunteers. Volunteering is easy, rewarding and fun. From donating time each week to read in classrooms to sharing your professional expertise at a career day event, you can contribute to your local public school.

• Citizen school boards are at the heart of our public education system. Each school district is governed by a school board made up of locally elected citizens who work to promote higher levels of student achievement. Attend your local district’s board of education meetings and find ways to get involved, such as serving on committees or advisory boards. For those who really want to make a difference, consider becoming a candidate for a school board.